Birthday: 3.2.2004

Birthplace: Bedford , Texas

Mother: Amy Lynn Fuchs

Father: Christopher Sean Fuchs

About Me!

December 17th, 2010

Age? 6

Eye Color? Hazel

Hair Color? Brown

Shoe Size? Kids 2

Clothes Size? Children's 10

Any Pets? Yes

Favorite Pet? Chloe & Skittles)

Any nicknames? Princess, KK & Cay

What is your favorite drink? Water or Chocolate Milk

Boyfriend? Nope

Favorite Day of the Week? Monday because I have Dance Class

Ear's pierced? Yes

Favorite Restaurant? Chilis

Favorite Dessert? Molten Chocolate Cake

Favorite Number? 9

Favorite Letter? I

Favorite movie? Tangled

Favorite Game Show? Don't have one

Favorite Song? Kelly Clarkson - Miss Independent

Favorite TV Show: Sponge Bob Square Pants

Favorite Holiday? Christmas

Favorite Food? Chicken & Rice

Favorite Toothpaste? Watermelon

Favorite Smell? Clean Smell

Favorite Inside Toy or Game? Board Games

Favorite Outside Toy or Game? Hide & Seek at the Park

What do you do to relax? Sit in the Bath Tub

Message to your friends reading this? Hi

What do you do when you are bored? Watch TV

Favorite Words? Please, Thankyou, Sorry, Excuse Me

Favorite Phrases? " Whatever!

Other things about you? Knows how to Read, Wright, Count to 100+, knows how to operate the computer.

Bedtime? 7pm